Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hot and Funny Star Wars Girls 2

Hot and Funny Star Wars Girls 2
     with added extras

True Star Wars Fans always appreciate hot girls that are in to Star Wars. Once u get to know a hot Star Wars Fan girl u know for 99.99% that u will mary her.

I stop the prologue now and start showing u the Hot Star Wars Girls and the added extras to it.


Hot Star Wars Girl 1

Hot Star Wars Girl 2

Hot Star Wars Girl 3

Hot Star Wars Girl 4

Hot Star Wars Girl 5

And now the added extras to this post.

Yoda using the Force to reach for his suitcase

Darth Vader trying to cross the detector at airport. Love the socks it shows he still has feelings toward the Republic.

First bill of the Galatic Empire
Darth Vader as a Symbol of the power.


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