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Swtor Beta – Crafting

Swtor Beta – Crafting

Description about crafting .

- you can have 1(or 0) crafting skill, no limit on gathering skills, and mission skills
- you can learn all crew skills on Dromund Kaas / Coruscant, after those planets, you will find every crew skill trainer on every planet’s main base (main base is where your ship arrives)
- you can discover rare recipes while using crafting skills (I mean when your companions are using crafting skills)
- there are some companions with bonuses like “cybertech critical +1″, it gives the companion more chance to discover rare recipes
- you can only do gathering skills, your companions can do everything
- yes, your droid is a companion
- every character knows reverse engineering, and you can reverse items your companions made (not all of them, for example you can’t reverse mods)

Gathering skills

- by “mining”, I mean there’s a node, like mining nodes on wow, and you harverst materials from that node, like you did in wow
- by “skinning”, I mean there’s a dead monster of some kind, and after you loot it, you can harverst some materials from it, just like with skinnig beasts in wow


How it works: There are electronic safes, broken computers, data storage units, and other stuff like that on the planets, and you can “mine” from them.
What it gives: Lockboxes, and the lockboxes can contaion: money (mostly), items, blue cybertech materials.
What crafting skill uses it: Cybertech.
Note: If you have slicing, you’re rich, if you don’t have, you’re poor.


How it works: There are crystal nodes on the planets, and you can “mine” from them.
What it gives: Color crystals (for lightsaber mods), power crystals (basic material for lightsaber, and force user armor stuff), artifact fragments (datacron assembling stuff).
What crafting skill uses it: Artifice, synthweaving.
Note: Nothing extra. It works exactly like mining in wow, minus the mining pick.


How it works: There are scrap nodes, metals, and stuff like that on the planets. You can “mine” from them. Other than those, you can “skin” strong / elite / boss droids.
What it gives: Metals (basic materials for armormech, armstech, and cybertech).
What crafting skill uses it: Armormech, armstech, cybertech.
Note: Very easy to level, because there are shitloads of strong / elite / boss droids in the game.


How it works: There are some plants on the planets, which you can “mine”. Other than that, you can “skin” strong / elite / boss bioligical enemies.
What it gives: Generic materials (basic biochem material).
What crafting skill uses it: Biochem.
Note: Nothing extra. I think you get the idea here.

Crafting skills

Item slots on a character: Head, chest, hand, waist, legs, feet, wrist, ear, implant, 3x relic, and of course your 2 hands for weapons / other stuff.
Don’t get confused, you will see power / color crystals here too (as you saw at archeology). They have the same name, but they’re not the same stuff. The power / color crystals here are made from those “mined” by archeology.


Light, medium, heavy armor for all force users, for the following slots: Head, chest, hand, waist, legs.
Light, medium, heavy armor for all non-force users, for the following slots: Head, chest, hand, waist, legs.


- color crystal (lightsaber mod – normal (green) recipes can teach you green, blue, and red)
- emitter matrix (lightsaber mod)
- focus lens (lightsaber mod)
- hilt (lightsaber mod)
- power crystal (lightsaber mod)
- offhand gadget (jugger’s offhand shield item)
- feet (item slot)
- wrist (item slot)
- harness (armor mod (str + end, willpower + end))
- overlay (armor mod (str + end, willpower + end))
- underlay (armor mod (str + end, willpower + end))


- droid armor (core, motor, sensor unit, parts – works the same as armormech for non-furce users, or syntweaving for force users)
- ear (item slot)
- feet (item slot)
- wrist (item slot)
- offhand gadget (powertech offhand shield item)
- granedes (nothing to explain on that)
- harness (armor mod (agi + end, cunning + end))
- overlay (armor mod (agi + end, cunning + end))
- underlay (armor mod (agi + end, cunning + end))


- assault cannon
- blaster pistol
- blaster rifle
- sniper rifle
- barrel (ranged weapon mod)
- color cartridge (ranged weapon mod, it determines your blaster’s laser color – works the same as color crystals, so red, blue, green can be learned from trainers, other colors are rare)
- scope (ranged weapon mod)
- trigger (ranged weapon mod)


- adrenal (15 sec strong buff, 3 min cd)
- implant (item slot)
- medkit (“healing potion”, 90 sec cd)
- med unit (same as medkit, you can use these on allies within 10 meters)
- stimulant (1 hour stat buff, you can have 1 at a time)

Mission skills

Underworld Trading:
- blue Biochem material
- blue Armormech material
- companion gift

Treasure Hunting:
- blue Armsmech material
- blue Artifice material
- lockbox (the same as in slicing)
- companion gift

- purple recipe for any of the crafting skills
- blue Armormech, Synthweaving material
- companion gift


- dark/light side point
- blue Synthweaving material
- companion gift

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Swtor Beta – More Hutball PvP

Swtor Beta Video – More Hutball PvP

PvP SWTOR VIDEO from alterswtor

The password for this video is : alterswtor

U can enter in Hutball at any lvl once u entered u will be at the same power and defense as a lvl 50. The only difference is if u are a lvl 2 u will got only 2 or 3 skills to use.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Swtor Companions

Swtor Companions

Every Star Wars™ hero needs a companion. Han had Chewie, Luke had R2-D2 — even Jabba had the cackling monkey lizard Salacious B. Crumb. These characters complement a player’s strengths or weaknesses, and provide company for the epic journey you will inevitably undertake. Whether they’re combative, friendly, flirtatious, or even just good for a laugh, companions always contribute to your adventure.

Blizz Companion - My fav

In Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, a variety of these Companion Characters will join your cause. Some will join you for adventure, some for greed, and some for motivations that will remain hidden until much further along in your adventure. The Companions run the gamut from intelligent droids to bizarre aliens, from an honorable princess to a roguish pirate, and each class has a completely unique set of Companions.

While traveling the galaxy, your Companion Characters will provide commentary, information on plots and directions to points of interest-- all from their own unique perspectives. Companion Characters may act as your conscience, and try to influence your decisions. In turn, you will influence them, and change how they develop as the story progresses. Based on your choices, some Companions will become your closest friends, others may become your lovers, and a few may even become your enemies!

You will be introduced to your first Companion Character early in your adventure. But as you become more seasoned, more will rally to your cause. As you travel with your Companions and get to know them better, they will not only become more powerful but they will also introduce you to a unique series of quests and rewards. Furthermore, you will be able to enhance your companions by equipping them with various gear.

As your team grows and develops, new options, strategies, and tactics will become available. When you’re headed to “The Tomb” on Belsavis, who will you bring to watch your back and help out the rest of your group? Do you bring the hard-as-nails soldier who will help keep your enemies’ attention off of your group, the gifted battlefield medic who can help keep everyone alive, or do you bring your ever-faithful Astromech whose computer skills may be the only hope for completing the mission? These are just some of the choices you will make while you and your Companions roam the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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Swtor Beta Video - Marauder Questing

Swtor Beta Video - Marauder Questing 17 min video. Enjoy

A new great video by alterswtor presenting questing in SWTOR with MARAUDER.


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Saturday, September 24, 2011

SWTOR Launch date announced

Launch Date for STAR WARS: The Old Republic Announced

BioWare and LucasArts are pleased to announce that Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ will launch on December 20, 2011 in North America and on December 22, 2011 in the European Launch Territories! The announcement was first made by BioWare co-founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk during their keynote address at the 2011 Eurogamer Expo in London, England. Speaking to a packed room of press and fans alike, Dr. Muzyka acknowledged the weight of the moment and the patience of the fans.

“This is an incredible moment for everyone at BioWare and our partners at LucasArts who have dedicated their lives to build this extraordinary game. We appreciate the patience from the millions of fans who have been waiting for the game’s release.”
Each copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic will come with 30 days of subscription time, after which you have the option to continue playing with one of the following monthly subscription fees:

1 Month Subscription: $14.99 (£8.99/€12.99)
3 Month Subscription: $13.99 per month (one-time charge of $41.97/£25.17/€35.97)
6 Month Subscription: $12.99 per month (one-time charge of $77.94/£46.14/€65.94)

Those who have pre-ordered the game and entered their pre-order code on are eligible for Early Game Access. If you haven’t yet reserved your copy of the game, be sure to visit our Pre-Order page  at home page in the right and secure your place in the Old Republic now!

This is the best news from SWTOR and BIOWARE.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Swtor New VIDEO Footage Alderaan Video

Swtor New VIDEO Footage Alderaan Video

The PassWord for this video is : alterswtor

This video was provided thnx to AlterSwtor

Every video posted by StarWarsMadness are from beta testers.
All video content and any relevancy to the game is owned by LucasArts and BioWare.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

SWTOR Space Combat beta gameplay

SWTOR Space Combat beta gameplay

Some videos of space combat thnx to alterswtor

Press Like if u enjoyed

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Swtor Character Creation VIDEO

Swtor Character Creation VIDEO

SWTOR Classe Character Creation Video's


PassWords for these videos are provided at the bottom of each video

Rattataki Character Creation 

( Pass : alterswtor )

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SWTOR PvP gameplay lvl 50 Bounty Hunter Hutball

SWTOR PvP gameplay lvl 50 Bounty Hunter - Class : PowerTech Hutball

Hutball PvP Zone

Swtor Beta Footage gameplay. Watch a lvl 50 Bounty Hunter own in a Hutball Zone PvP.
After seeing this video i think i will roll a BH myself since i was set on going with the Trooper.

I hope the next video will be the Trooper. Stay tuned for more.

The Skill Tree for the lvl 50  SWTOR Bounty Hunter PowerTech can be found here :

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Saturday, September 17, 2011


With each Studio Insider, members of the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ development team take you behind the scenes to give you an inside look at the work that goes in to making the game. This week, Principal Lead Animator Mark How discusses the work that goes in to creating the animations for combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Combat Animation in The Old Republic

Hi. My name is Mark How and I am the Principal Lead Animator at BioWare Austin. Many ideas have been dreamt up since the inception of this extraordinary game and the animation team has been hard at work since the very beginning. While we see each project as a challenge, we have a lot of fun imagining all sorts of unique, action-packed scenarios that can play out in The Old Republic. Of course, the main purpose of animation is to produce characters that adhere to the basic laws of physics, but good animation also ties into many other facets of game design. Today, I’ll tell you about our experiences and techniques that go in to our creating the animations that compliment the exciting and visceral combat in The Old Republic!

We start out like any other game that has big ideas for combat: at first we thought about the classic battle between Jedi and Sith. When you picture these powerful Force users meeting, you think of how they Force Leap into battle! You think of their Lightsabers clashing, and how they use the Force to push and pull each other around the battlefield. We wanted to be able to replicate this sense of action and exhilaration in the way we capture the combat animations. We wanted to show Force Lightning exploding from your fingertips and have your character show their raw mastery of the Force by hurling large objects at your enemies. We also had many ideas about ranged combat; about ducking behind cover and blasting your way through a pack of enemy troops. Knowing that many of you who will play the game are going to be playing as non-Force users, we wanted to capture that feeling as well.

Lightsaber Clashing

One of the most iconic images in the Star Wars™ universe is the Lightsaber. Making the Lightsaber come to life in The Old Republic requires a collection of all the correct elements falling into place at the same time through visual effects, sound design and animation. Our challenge was to make the iconic Lightsaber battles from the movies come to life within the design confines of an MMO. We worked closely with the combat programmers and designers to ensure that the combat visuals do not detract from the gameplay experience. A key aspect we learned early in development was that players do not enjoy having character control taken away from them because of an action or animation. Similarly, we realized that any action a player takes in the game needs to be visually represented in a way that is consistent with the player’s expectations. Combining these two things, it was particularly challenging to develop animations that allowed for visually appealing combat while still allowing the players complete control over their characters.

Here is a progression clip of just a few of the animations in our game, from the initial design to its implementation in-game.
Once we knew what our rules were for combat, the programmers and animators were able to create a Lightsaber clashing system that could predict the volleys of weapons fire and other attacks being thrown at the player from all directions, and have the player dynamically react to ‘block’ these attacks. Not only that, but we were able to keep this system active while players were deflecting directed attacks, engaged in melee combat or even running. Players may not even realize all the factors that are coming into play to visually represent the combat experience, but we believe it’s critical for making the player really feel fully engaged in the fight. Without these dynamics, the players would wind up locked in certain animations when they go to engage in a “Stock strike” or “Project,” and then the combat would really be failing to capture the feel of Star Wars; it would give the player the impression that they are watching the action rather than taking part in it for themselves.

We’ve iterated on the mechanics for a long time, and I think the Lightsaber combat system that the programmers and animators ultimately devised has really gone beyond expectations. Even in a battle scene with multiple players and multiple targets, each Lightsaber wielder can be seen attacking opponents with varied tactics while deflecting, parrying or dodging the attacks of the other enemies. It gives the whole experience a really dynamic, visceral feel, making the player feel like they’re taking part in an intense battle where their character has the heroic qualities expected of a Star Wars icon.

Combat Animation in Star Wars The Old Republic Compilation Video HD

Combat Cover

“How could Han Solo possibly compete directly with Darth Vader?”

This was one of the situations our designers found themselves thinking about when balancing the character classes. Though armed with many brilliant blaster attacks, tactical abilities and cheap tricks, one of the most challenging tasks for the entire team was in designing a cover system that was useful to the player while keeping them feeling like they were part of the action. Some might argue that you don’t even need a cover system in an MMO, but the benefits provided to the classes and the overall visual dynamic of the combat system is incredible. This all comes back to the expectation that the player has. If you were a Smuggler in the Star Wars universe and there was a crate available for you to roll behind to deflect enemy fire, wouldn't you want to do that? Of course you would. The cover element has provided a tactical way for the Smuggler and Imperial Agent classes to be competitive against their Force wielding and gadget-toting opponents. Deciding we were going to create a cover system was one thing; creating it was something else. It took many hours of research, play-acting and experimentation to nail down the animations for ducking into, rolling into, or just dodging into cover. As you can imagine, with the variety of places where these characters can take cover in the game, that created an additional layer of complexity which had to be addressed. In the end however, cover looks, feels and functions like the real thing, and we think it bring an entirely new dynamic to ranged combat in the MMO genre.

Here we see a breakdown of the Imperial Agent rolling into cover behind a barrier.
Once it was established that melee-based player characters wouldn’t be locked into doing certain animations, we wanted to make sure that ranged classes worked the same way. The unique challenge with the ranged classes was that we wanted them to always keep their blasters pointed at their target until they were damaged, downed, or until the player chose to manually change targets. This needed to be true while standing still as well as when the player was moving. In an MMO, players don’t usually stand still and fight mobs of static NPCs. Consider PVP: as smart as NPC AI can be, it cannot compare to the intelligence, skill and intuitive reactions of a real human player. This means that when two human players duel each other, they can adeptly circle one another and jump to get in and out of range. They can’t be stuck in long, static animations when they attack. We had to work closely with the programmers to devise an aiming system that could account for numerous gameplay possibilities. I think what we achieved allows players to play the way they want and does not lock them into a combat system that only obeys a limited set of rules. As pretty as it could look, who wants to play a game where you run and then have to stop each time you want to fire your blaster? "Not I," says the Smuggler.

For The Old Republic, we are committed to giving you a great combat experience through aesthetic movement, strong character and great design. These elements come together thanks to the efforts of many different departments that are all working hard and working together to reach a common goal. Our combat has unique concepts that set it apart from other MMOs and help deliver another BioWare-quality Star Wars™ experience that we hope fans will find incredibly enjoyable and will want to continue as they progress in their stories and create new experiences of their own.

We'll see you online!

Community Q&A

With each Studio Insider a member of the development team takes the time to answer some of the questions that are put forward by the community. The next Community Q&A will center on the many aspects of socialization in Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you have a burning question, ask us via our Forums or on Facebook. Make sure to get your questions in no later than September 30th if you want it to be considered for the next Community Q&A.

Today, Principal Lead PvP Designer Gabe Amatangelo answers a few of your questions about Player-vs-Player Combat in The Old Republic.

Q: How important is the PvP community to BioWare? – Kryptorchid

A: Very important. The Old Republic’s PvP developers are avid gamers and active, long-time members of the MMO PvP community. We hold preservation and growth of the The Old Republic PvP community near and dear to our hearts.

Q: Will there be any kind of arena system? If so, which brackets will it support? - Inquiescent

A: ‘Arena System’ has come to mean two different things depending on the context: Single Elimination PvP game mode and Ranking/Tournament Systems. Whether or not we add that game mode to The Old Republic’s current lineup (domination, assault and bombing run) is TBD. However, one of the top things on our list for post launch is a rated Warzone system where players can form teams, earn team ratings, earn individual ratings, as well as participate in tournaments, etc.

Q: Are there any plans for non-combat forms of PvP, such as Pazaak or Swoop Racing? - RizzoRatchet

A: We are considering, testing and/or developing several things like that. We’ll let you know as soon as we are sure about what we’re going to add.

Q: Will we see a “Criminal” or “Bounty” mechanic so that we can persistently hunt down and torment those who hinder our progression? – Gryffin

A: Haha. Nice way of phrasing ‘how do you guys plan to deal with griefers!’ We are currently testing and iterating on a system to ensure player progression cannot be blocked by griefers on a PvP server, while still allowing for the thrill of spontaneous open world PvP conflicts.

Q: Will there be safe zones on PvP servers outside of faction-specific planets? – Zepplin

A: There are very few, but some do exist. For example, the promenade on the neutral planet of Nar’Shadda is a sanctuary.

Q: What incentives will there be for players to focus on targets outside of the typical “gank the healer” strategy; and how will factors such as burst damage, crowd control and “PvP tanking” play a role in accomplishing this? – Marsobot

A: Winning will be the incentive. Attacking the healer will be the right decision sometimes, but not always. A key contributor in ensuring this is the tanks’ Guard and Taunt abilities. Guard will redirect half of the damage through the Tank’s mitigation and avoidance. A taunted target will deliver less damage to everyone but the tauntee. Players will be able to easily visualize which Tanks are guarding and taunting, who their targets are, and when damage is deflected through clear animations and effects. This adds to the dynamics of a skirmish as players of varying skill levels can easily react to and be on their toes about who the real targets of opportunity are and when. Additionally, Tanks will be recognized and rewarded for how much damage they deflect in this fashion on Warzone scoreboards.

We have a fairly large health pool to burst damage potential ratio. This allows for burst damage to be useful when the time is right, while not letting it dictate the outcome of all skirmishes.

And as far as crowd control goes, there is ‘Resolve.’ Every time a player is crowd controlled they build up Resolve, which is pictured as a bar over the characters head (below the health bar). Once a player’s Resolve Bar is full it changes colors and starts to decay over time, during this they are immune to crowd control. The visual element helps with PvP accessibility, and tuning the Resolve values allows us to achieve a fun tempo ensuring crowd control as its place but isn’t the end all be all of PvP.

Q: Since it has been clearly stated that there will not be dual specs for characters in the game, can you explain your philosophy behind the skill trees and how you are taking into account players that want to be able to play PvP and PvE content on the same character? - illumineart

A: Dual Speccing is something we want to add soon after launch. Also, features like Guard, PvP Taunt, Resolve, etc. work to narrow the gap between PvP and PvE specialized skills (i.e. a +Block skill would be helpful in both PvE and PvP).

Q: Are waiting queues cross-server and, if so, also cross-language? - Kisskill

A: No. We believe that fostering rivalries and memorable encounters with recognizable players are important in building a good PvP community on a server. We suspect cross-server queuing compromises these key tenets. Additionally, systems like bolster and same faction vs same faction Warzones (like Hutball) help matches pop frequently and regularly.

That being said we will be keeping a close eye on the communities and re-examine the system as necessary.

Q: Are there rewards for PvP, such as Titles, Badges, Grades, etc.? – Xenthor

A: Yes. Players will earn currency for PvP Gear, Valor Ranks, titles and other privileges through PvP accomplishments, such as winning Warzone matches, claiming Open World PvP objectives, finding hidden caches in PvP areas, etc.

Q: How will the Bolster system work? – Kelremar

A: If after a time the Warzone matchmaking system has not found a match of players of the same level range, then it will start up a ‘bolstered match’ where players of varying levels will have their stats bolstered to within 20% of each other. Therefore, player skill disparity withstanding, the lowest level player will be 80% as effective as the highest level player in the match.

Thanks for checking out this month’s Studio Insider. We hope you enjoyed taking a look at what goes into creating animations in The Old Republic, as well as our Q&A on PvP. We know you have a lot of questions, so we’ve opened new Community Q&A threads in the forums and on Facebook which center on the topic of socializing in The Old Republic. Post your questions before September 30th and they may get answered in our next Studio Insider!

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Hot and Funny Star Wars Girls 2

Hot and Funny Star Wars Girls 2
     with added extras

True Star Wars Fans always appreciate hot girls that are in to Star Wars. Once u get to know a hot Star Wars Fan girl u know for 99.99% that u will mary her.

I stop the prologue now and start showing u the Hot Star Wars Girls and the added extras to it.


Hot Star Wars Girl 1

Hot Star Wars Girl 2

Hot Star Wars Girl 3

Hot Star Wars Girl 4

Hot Star Wars Girl 5

And now the added extras to this post.

Yoda using the Force to reach for his suitcase

Darth Vader trying to cross the detector at airport. Love the socks it shows he still has feelings toward the Republic.

First bill of the Galatic Empire
Darth Vader as a Symbol of the power.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

SWTOR Eternity Vault Developer Walkthrough

SWTOR Eternity Vault Developer Walkthrough

Throughout the week of GamesCom, those who stopped by the EA booth had the opportunity to see a live demonstration of the Eternity Vault, one of the high-level Operations in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. In it, Imperial forces are sent to investigate an ancient prison that is believed to hold a powerful and deadly threat to the Empire.
We don’t want the people who couldn’t make it to Cologne to miss out. In our new video, BioWare’s Dallas Dickinson guides you through the opening minutes of the Eternity Vault. Check it out and be sure to visit our  Facebook page for all the latest news and updates on The Old Republic.

A prison discovered buried in the ice on Belsavis is thought to house an ancient and deadly evil that could threaten the galaxy. To counter this threat, General Threnoldt dispatches Imperial forces to investigate the prison and confront the dangers within. Watch as a group of players work their way towards the prison gates in the opening section of the Eternity Vault, one of the high-level Operations in
 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

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