Thursday, October 6, 2011

Swtor Complete Companion List

Swtor Complete Companion List

The full list is moved to  :
This is where i will post from now on the new content from Swtor 

Every Star Wars hero needs a companion. Han had Chewie, Luke had R2-D2 — even Jabba had the cackling monkey lizard Salacious B. Crumb. These characters complement a player’s strengths or weaknesses, and provide company for the epic journey you will inevitably undertake. Whether they’re combative, friendly, flirtatious, or even just good for a laugh, companions always contribute to your adventure.

In Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, a variety of these Companion Characters will join your cause. Some will join you for adventure, some for greed, and some for motivations that will remain hidden until much further along in your adventure. The Companions run the gamut from intelligent droids to bizarre aliens, from an honorable princess to a roguish pirate, and each class has a completely unique set of Companions.

Finding your Swtor COMPANION video


epic4tan said...
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epic4tan said...

Hmm… for now I can’t choose which one I just let my instinct when I’m in-game. But is there companion can help me to farm for credits so I don’t have to buy swtor credits at Epictoon?

sinreal11 said...

These characters complement a player’s strengths or weaknesses,swtor credits

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