Thursday, October 6, 2011

Swtor Transports SpeedBikes

Swtor Transports SpeedBikes 

Swtor SpeedBikes

Password for the video is : alterswtor


The travelling system might be most interesting for many of you. We were able to test the fast travelling system on Korriban as we sat down on a Speeder with our Sith. We also took a picture of it. The system works similar as in other MMOs - once you reach a travelling point you can choose your destination via a map. When driving, you won't see a loading screen, but you can enjoy your surroundings.

Talking about maps, if you press M you will see the world map. A special feature is a magnifier, which can be enabled, to show you certain areas more precisely. Below you see the world map of Ord Mantell (sorry for the quality). The yellow sign on the upper left shows a hotspot for travelling. Below Fort Garnik is a little purple head which shows the location of fellow group members.


42-Y Civilian Speeder Bike Speeder bikes become available :
---------------at level 25 and you talk to a class trainer. $4k

72-X Military Speeder Bike Speeder bikes become available :
---------------at level 40 and you talk to a class trainer. $21k

JR-3 Galactic Speeder Bike Speeder bikes become available:
-------------- at level 50 and you talk to a class trainer. $33k

SWTOR Mounts

June 3, 2011 Damion Schubert: “Initially, we’re just going with vehicles instead of animal mounts, although we definitely hope to get to the animals post-launch. We felt that, given a choice between the two, being on a vehicle felt more like Star Wars. The vehicles tend to be reminiscent of vehicles you’ve seen in the films, although it’s a balancing act. As a designer, you want to be sure that the vehicles graduate in speed but also that the vehicles look appropriate for the speed at which they’re travelling.”
July 22, 2011 James Ohlen: We have reacted on the reaction of the speeders. We were originally going with an upgrade route to the speeders, slow at first make them not look great. After a little thought we went back to the drawing board and adding new speeders, land speeders went in and now we're churning out a bunch of them and you will likely be impressed.

What about changing the armor on some of the vehicles... like the speeders?

One of the things when were determining how we were going to have progression work within speeders, within your personal vehicle... the reason we started so slow is we wanted to have a traditional MMO thing where you start out and you're a little bit faster, you get a better speeder. And you're a little bit faster, and then we sort of realized that it was counter to Star Wars. You want to be pretty darn fast.

So there are going to be speed upgrades as you get the higher level speeders, but in addition (to that), we're going to be upgrading the armor so you get knocked off your speeder less frequently. Right now as you drive around Tatooine, if you get too close to somebody, they can do enough damage and pop you off your speeder. If you're on a more highly armored one, you're going to have a lot more capacity to take damage without being knocked off, which again is a boon to the player who is trying to get from point A to point B.


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